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Lolitas Top 100


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Subject: He Said/He Said (MM, Romance/Betrayal)
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 18:59:54 -0500
Organization: University of Illinois at UrbanaThis is a repost of my first story, for those of you who missed it over
the summer.I'm still interested in everyone's response.DISCLAIMER:This is a FUCK STORY about men. Get over it.
He Said/He SaidPart One: Jake's StoryO.K. I'm the villain, here. I want to make that clear. Everything that
happened was my fault. I really loved Brad. Love. I love Brad, I never
stopped. But, I acted like an ass, and here's what happened: Brad and I met 3 years ago. It was at a bar. We didn't have sex
right away, even though we sure wanted to. At least Lolitas Top 100 I did. But
something about Brad made me want to wait. You know they always say that
immediate sex between two people can spoil the chance of a meaningful
relationship. In fact, it's something I relied on throughout college.
[I guess I should tell you I was a Sports Medicine major, and all those
stories you read about the willingness of college athletes are true, as
far as I know. I was never alone unless I wanted to be. But, as my
Senior year passed its halfway point, I didn't want to be anymore.] I'd
never met anyone like Brad before. He was gorgeous, sweet, funny,
bright, honest and very forward about himself. Nothing he said was
bullshit. He wasn't a bar fag, and I guess that was the immediate
I crashed into him while coming down the stairs from the pool
table loft at Dayglo, the gay bar in the town where we both went to
school. Before I could even apologize, he was getting up grinning that
grin that still Lolitas Top 100 gets me hard when I think about it. He had this cute
little mustache and goatee, very close-cropped and light blond, like his
short, Lolitas Top 100
soft hair. Perfect, straight (pardon the expression), white
teeth, and a pleasantly tanned face with perfectly symmetrical dimples.
What threw his look so sexily off-kilter was his nose. Thin and long,
with a bump in the middle that I would learn later came from a bicycling
accident at the age of 8.
I did apologize and offered to buy him a drink. He had a Diet
Coke, and soon, my friends were pressuring me to return to the game
upstairs. I apologized again and said I hoped I'd be seeing him. He
said, "So do I." and we went our separate ways.
A few weeks later, I saw him there again, and we danced and
talked all night, exchanging numbers, favorite movies, etc. Strangely,
throughout the evening, we never kissed. He was really driving me
crazy. But, somehow, it never seemed like the right time. He was very
sexy, and certainly seemed interested, but I just didn't want to screw
this up. We were the last two out the door at closing time. Somebody
had vandalized his car (I guess because of the numerous Pride stickers on
it), and slashed a tire. I helped him change it, and we sat in the car
for a while, talking more intimately. I had to leave town early the next
morning for a job interview and said so. He said he wanted to give me
something for luck, put his hand around the back of my neck, and kissed
me. Fireworks. I leaned into him and we continued to explore each
other, with tongues and hands. He finally broke us apart and reminded me
of my early time table the next day. It was about 3:00AM by then. I
promised to call him after the interview.
Well, I got the job, as a Phys Ed teacher and wrestling coach at
a private high school in Maine. When I called Brad, he told me that he
also had accepted a position in the northern point of the state, but
hadn't said so before, so as not to jinx my chances. It was like fate.
Graduation was in 2 months, and we'd be relocating to the same area!
We decided to go out to celebrate. Now, I'm a pretty big guy
with a background in weights and cross-training, so I've never worried
much about being bashed. On more than one occasion, I have gotten into
fights for my friends, however. Brad was a Journalism major, but found
time to study quite a bit of self-defense, also. He's of rather slight
build, but well toned and quick on his feet. Having said that, I'll tell
you where we went. T.G.I. Friday's in that little college town. We held
hands across the table at Lolitas Top 100 one point! It was very freeing being with
Brad. We wanted to go out dancing, but decided neither of us wanted to
go to Dayglo, so Brad suggested his Lolitas Top 100 apartment.
When we got there, he dimmed the lights and brought out chilled
champagne and two glasses. I immediately spilled mine on his shirt, like
an oaf. He started laughing, pulling off the shirt and saying something
about the way we met. As he opened his shirt, I got my first glimpse of
his chest. It had a fine dusting of blond hair, tiny, hard nipples, and
tapered down to a flat stomach with a wisp of hair at the navel. "Don't
let me be the only one undressing," he said with that wicked grin. I
loosened my tie and let it fall to the floor. Lolitas Top 100
He poured his champagne
glass out across my broad chest and began licking it off. As soft
classical music played in the background, we undressed each other,
kissing and touching as if we'd never touched anyone before. Everything
with Brad seemed so new, so untasted. After several minutes, he slowly
pulled away and asked if I'd like to see his bedroom. "Please," I said.
He led me by the hand and I followed, my eyes glued to his hot
little butt, now covered only by loose-fitting boxers. My dick was
straining at the elastic of my briefs, growing longer and harder by the
He sat down on the bed, and I went to my knees at his feet,
kissing and licking his chest and stomach. I circled my tongue around
his belly button and his back arched, as he moaned softly. I began to Lolitas Top 100

rub, lightly, my face against his boxers, feeling the hardness within. I
could tell he was not only enjoying this, but that he was quite well
endowed. Not huge, but very nice. I slid my face up his torso and found
his mouth with mine. As I slid my tongue into his hungry mouth, I slowly
tugged down his boxers. I worked my tongue back down his chest, pausing
at the taught, pointy nipples and giving them some loving attention with
by tongue and teeth. At the same time, I pulled his feet out of the
boxers and cast them aside.
Then, I got my first sight of his cock. It was beautiful! Pink
and perfect, standing out from his blond bush and curving slightly
upward. About 6 or 7 inches, I guessed. I licked the head softly and
rolled my tongue all the way around it. I slid his entire length into my
mouth. He rolled back onto the bed, his Lolitas Top 100 hands going to either side of my
head. He traced his fingers through my hair and around my ears and I
tenderly sucked and licked his rod. With one hand, I massaged his balls,
also covered in a fine layer of tiny blond hairs. I circled his dick
with my hand and licked my way back up to his neck, ending with deep, wet
Brad rolled over toward me, laying me on my back, and went to
work on me. He massaged my chest, kissing me all over, before zeroing in
on my briefs. He pulled them off with no difficulty, and paused over my
cock before going down. My head rested on one of his pillows, and we
looked at each other's eyes as he went to work. With that wicked grin,
he opened his mouth just wide enough to slip his tongue out and slide it
across the tip of my dick. Then, he took half the head into his mouth
and tongued it as his lips held it in place. All the while, he looked me
in the eye and grinned. He licked up and down my length a few times
before taking me entirely into his mouth. I've never had head like that
before or since. "Ooh, Brad, you're amazing," I said, and his smile got
wider, but he never missed a beat. He rolled his body up so that we were
in Lolitas Top 100
a 69 position, and I continued the work I'd begun before.
Soon, however, I was completely distracted by the sight of his
sweet little ass. There was a spray of light blond hair Lolitas Top 100
between his pale
cheeks, and a tiny pink opening. I could not resist. I traced his crack
with the tip of my tongue and paused at his hot opening. Suddenly, he
lifted his head from my crotch and sighed "Ooooohhhhh".
"You like that, sport?" I said.
"No one has ever done that before."
"They don't know what they've been missing," I answered and went
to work. Gently pulling his buns apart, I licked and probed his anus,
coaxing it to open. Brad's entire body responded to my tongue, and his
mouth sped up it's efforts on by cock. I was very hard and ready to
explore his hot little hole. He must've sensed it, because he slowed and
stopped, and then came up near me, kissing me deeply and rolling me over
on top of him.
As we kissed, I continued to massage his hole, with the tips of
my fingers, slowly working one, two, then three into him. "Ooh, yeah,
Jake," he gasped.
"You ready, Sport?" I whispered.
He nodded and I began to slide into him. He took it like a pro,
although I already knew it was a fairly new experience for him. He
wrapped his legs around my waist with a grip like a vise. Soon, my
entire 9" was in him and we began to pump in unison. I'm not ashamed to
say we fucked like animals. We kissed with open, then closed mouths. I
wiggled my ass, slowly, to work him all over inside, and he writhed
beneath me, matching me stroke for stroke. Soon, we got harder and
faster. "Ooh, Brad, baby," I sighed.
"Call me Sport" gasp "I like that," he replied, exhausted but
never slowing.
We seemed to go for hours. I've never felt so joined to someone
like that. I pumped harder and harder, Brad's fingers digging into my
shoulders, back, and ass. Finally, I exploded inside him and he began to
spurt streams of cum up between us. Some landed on his cheek. Still
thrusting my load into his hot ass, I licked it off and slid my tongue
deeper into his mouth than before. We slept like babies. For a few hours. When we awoke to the sound a neighbor's dog barking. We were
still sticky and sweaty, so Brad asked if I'd like a shower. "Yeah" I
answered and he kissed me again. I ran my hand through the smooth hair
on his chest, running into the mess from earlier. "Yuck" we said together.
In the shower, we made love again. Slow and steady, like we'd
done this forever. "I am crazy about you" I said at the end, while we
rinsed each other off. Brad just held me.A few months later, I screwed everything up.
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